REWA iPhone Logic Board Repair Offline Training FAQ

Blake Mar 09, 2021

January 17th, 2019, the first phrase of REWA iPhone logic board repair offline training has come to an end at Shenzhen. This is not the end, but the successful beginning of REWA iPhone Logic Board Repair 2019 Global Training Program. Taking place across Shenzhen, Decin, and Dallas, this is the course you can take at your own pace and convenience.

2019 REWA Global Training Calendar

Note: This price includes free tools and materials(worth $100), courses, books and translation. Costs like food, accommodation and transportation are not included.

iPhone Logic Board Repair Offline Training FAQ


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about REWA logic board repair offline training course. Hope these can help you somehow.

Q. What technical levels are your 6-day training course for? Beginner? New technician? Intermediate technician? Or an advanced technician?

A. Our 6-day training course is designed for new technicians and intermediate technicians.

Q.What is the training package of your 6-day training course? What exactly can I learn from your course?

A. Course contents of the 6-day training course

Part 1

Troubleshooting of common iPhone issues. For example, turning on issues, touch/display issues, WiFi issues, charging issues, audio issues, iTunes error code issues, etc..

Part 2

iPhone micro-soldering techniques. For example, BGA desoldering/soldering, components desoldering/soldering, jumper wire, NAND upgrade, short detect, etc..

Once you have finished the course, you can repair 80% of iPhone issues. For example, water damage, data recovery, NAND upgrade, etc..

Q. Is there a diploma for me after the course?

A. By successfully completing the course, you can receive a certificate of completion certified by REWA.

Q. How do I know that I have learned something? Is there any after-class support that I can turn for help?

A. There is a test after the course for you to evaluate your rate of progress.

For those who need technical support after the course, we offer free support for issues related to the training course (email, Wechat, etc..). Still, for issues not related to the training course, we offer online coaching that should be paid by the hour.

Q. Are there any souvenirs for the course?

A. You can take tools and materials used during the course away with you after the course. They worth about $100.

Q. How much does the training cost? Which party is responsible to accept payments?

A. The total cost of the course is $2799 per person (USA). REWA will provide a recipient bank account to accept payments.

Q. Is there a preferential policy for your course?

A.Discount Notes1. Payment must be settled one month in advance before the course kickoff.

2. The trainees are introduced by the previous trainees.

3. No less than 2 applicants at one time.

4. The same trainee applies for no less than one course( including, but not limited in one semester ).

The trainees who meet any of the above conditions can enjoy 98% tuition discount, and students who meet any of the above two conditions can enjoy 95% tuition discount.


1. Tools and materials for the training will be provided by REWA. Still, please prepare a computer with a windows 7 operating system (or a more advanced system).

2. This course is designed for repair technicians of repair shops and those who want to start a phone repair business.

3. REWA provides you with high-level repair training with rich content and guaranteed support.

Do you have any other questions or suggestions about REWA logic board repair offline training course? Please feel free to leave it in the comment below. 

Also, REWA cell phone repair training online course is available now - REWA Academy, which is a platform that provides repair technique learning, practical demonstration, and idea-sharing for practitioners in the electronic repair industry. Check REWA Academy out now! 

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