A1418 EMC 2889. No video after EFI chip replacement

hector 10/26/2018

No video, only turns on fan. LED code: 1 and 2 on. Reflow? When i tried to power on, only stays on 1 and 2 led, fan cooler too. But never chimes, and never turns on 3 or 4 led. I have tried SMC reset, PRAM reset, connect correctoy display, without display and HDMI adapter from mini display port. No one of these it works for me. A little about this mac: This mac it was blocked by EFI, i bought a ebay preprogrammed chip to replace Block Image The process it was good, (i think so) Block Image Block Image I’ve a hypothesis: While I was heating the surface of the EFI chip, the gpu is below. Then, the heat could have melted the weld while the gravity effect lifted the GPU by its own weight. Is it possible?
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