Dead iPhone - Important Pictures - Need Data Recovery

Masiel Peguero Pena 02/12/2019

I am reaching out because I found you online and have read amazing reviews of the work you perform. I have a dead iPhone. The iPhone shut down and never came back ok. A new battery was installed, and it did not help. The iPhone seems not to be getting power at all. The main issue is the logic board. There are essential photos that I need to recover. I am aware I have to ship the iPhone to you. But before that happens I'd like to go over a few things: What is the process start to finish? Do I send an External HDD for you to transfer the recovered data? Is the phone coming back to me after the work is completed? What type of payments do you accept? Can you provide an estimate of the final cost? How long is the process? Given your experience, what is the probability that you will be able to recover the data? Can you please get back to me as soon as possible?



We have arranged a sale to contact you by email, Please pay attention to check your email. And our sale will tell you the details and prices.
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