iPhone 8 Plus home button issue

Danish Farooqui 03/25/2019

Hii hey here I’m Danish I have an iPhone8 plus mobile my screen was damaged in last month so I replaced new one while replacing new one, that mobile shop repair person not powered off my mobile directly he opened my mobile and he replacing display screen for due to that my display IC sotted then is repaired my display IC and then replaced my screen (but the problem is now my home button some time working and sometimes not working even fingerprints also taking some time and sometime not ) please suggest me what Should I do for my home button will work also my mobile will take my fingerprint also. Hope you will understand my issue and you will give a better solution to me.    



Actually, the home button is paired with your phone. So simply replacing the display screen will result in a not working home button. Check the article below and I think you might get your answer.




Replace a new fingerprint connector of motherboard.
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