MacBook A1534 doesn´t power, yellow button battery problem.

hector 10/26/2018

Before i have installed a new trackpad, i tried to disconnect battery, and i pressed this yellow button. After to try to power on the macbook, it doesn’t turn on, no sound. Block Image I thought the true problem is: the yellow button was interrupt voltage to logic board (as a relay). Then, trying to power no it does not power on because battery is still deactivated in someway. Here images to show voltages i had gotten. Block Image Block Image Block Image Block Image Block Image I have tried: Power button pressed 10 seconds SMC reset PVRAM reset yellow button 10 seconds pressed and holding while connect usb 3 charger I havent tried: to give direct charge to battery with regulable power source (baku) power on with pinpads (i know wher are they, but its so difficult to connect display and made testing. i would to try: in someway activate battery (maybe with some bridge on battery pins) how to give power source with baku power source throught pins for try power on with pin pads and connected by usb3 to hdmi adapter



Hello Hector, Could you give me more info about it? We can't tell what caused your MacBook won't turn on. Since there are so many reasons can result in this issue. We can only give an exact answer while we got the motherboard
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