Cooperative Training

REWA cooperative training has a unique training program of iPhone Chip Level Logic Board Repair Training Course which is a fully hands-on and well designed for people from different level to achieve a professional skill within a short period of time. REWA aims to help our students to become qualified technicians and power up repair business in your area.

4 Top Benefits of Cooperative training with REWA

1. You decide the location;

2. Increase local awareness with REWA brand.

3. Local training facilitates enrollment of the course.

4. On-going technical support from REWA.


1. Brand influence – A good reputation in cell phone repair industry.

2. Enriched and professional repair course – Practical support.

3. Experienced lecturers and repair masters – Over 10 years of teaching and repair experiences.

4. Trustworthy partnership – Successfully launched worldwide with great customer feedback.

No matter you are a company, repair shop owner, or individual. Email us ( now to become one of our cooperative partners!


REWA is a world leading electronics repair business solutions provider who was founded in 2008 in HongKong. We are committed to delivering one-stop services covering Sourcing Solution, Technical Support Solution as well as Recycle & Resell Solution.