Iphone 6S data recovery after killing screen

Matt 09/06/2019

I changed the screen on my iPhone 6S and managed to get the 2 screen connectors the wrong way around when trying to reconnect the screen. On touching one of the screen connectors on the incorrect connector socket, it created a small spark and something smelt like it had blown . The phone turns but screen is dead. I have tried to connect to iTunes and other recovery software but I can’t get past the “trust this computer screens because I can’t see the screen to know what I’m pressing to allow the photos and data to be removed . Do I need to replace the mother board to recover my data or is software available that does not need to have the “trust this computer “ menus passed . If if I need to replace the mother board, do you sell the solder stencils for the components that I will need to change .



There is a problem with the display module of the motherboard, maybe you should check it.
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