iPhone 8 fails to connect to the cellular network after updated to iOS 12.1.1

Doris Hobbs 01/02/2019

My iPhone 8 has been cut off from cellular data since upgraded to iOS 12.1.1. It is ok when I am at the office. But when I get home, I can only use WiFi to get online( WiFi now!!!!!). Can someone help me?



You got carrier info at the top corner or not? If yes, try to restart the phone and reset network settings. Also, this is commonly seen with iOS12.1.1 so you can also contact Apple for support.



At present, Apple has not given a solution for this issue, even update to iOS12.1.2. You can wait for Apple iOS 12.1.3. Before it, You can solve this issue by restore iPhone, of course, you will be lost all your data. If there is no IMEI after restore, then check the Baseband rail, otherwise, change the iPhone 8 Radio IC with a new one. More about iOS12.1.1 problems and solutions you can check Apple iOS12.1.1 Problems & Solutions – All You Should Know.

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