iPhone X no IMei

Mark 11/29/2018

Hi I have an iPhone X Qualcomm version water damaged. But could not find any corrison on the board. Phone still turns on after iTunes restore on the hello page it comes with an! On the top right hand side near the battery symbol. No IMei is present when I press the (I) I have separated both top and bottom layers of pcb and just connecting the top layer with the cpu and nand flash it gives me the same hello page with (!) no IMei. Can’t find any short circuits. If you can point me in the right direction where to troubleshoot the problem it will be great.



It is likely that the middle layer is pseudo soldered.



First, please check the middle layer whether is pseudo soldered. You can install the upper and lower motherboard of iPhone X to test rack for testing. If it still no IMEI after re-solder double layers, then re-solder Baseband CPU and replace a new BB pmu.
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