iPhone X reboots every 2-3 minutes after charging port replacement

Nathan 09/12/2019

Recently my iPhone X charging port failed, I attempted to replace it myself, I was afraid that the battery adhesive would break mid pull which would result in the battery needing to be removed and thus becoming damaged requiring a replacement I did not have. To increase the likelihood of a success I used a hair dryer at max heat and airflow against the back glass of the phone. This worked, I performed the replacement, the phone powered on, everything was a success.....or so I thought as the phone now reboots every 2-3 minutes. I am wondering if this is a hardware issue due to heat, and if so, is it the motherboard or battery? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Its not an hardware fault but the new charging port which is make the phone reboot. Try to disconnect the port and see if the reboot happens.
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