Apple iPhone 7 Troubleshooting

Blake Jun 06, 2018

Hello friends, Welcome to REWA Blog with this Apple iPhone 7 troubleshooting page. In here, we will list some common problems with solve tutorials/how-tos... of iPhone 7. Make sure you bookmark this page so it will be easier for you to find it in the future when you need help.

The screen does not respond

The screen is on, but the touch screen is not responding.

The device needs to be restarted

If the screen is fine but not respond to any functions, it may be frozen and needs to be restarted. Hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until the screen goes off. Then press the power button to turn the device on. 

Apple iPhone 7 Troubleshooting

The camera does not work

1. The camera application does not work or only shows a black screen.

2. The software is damaged

The camera application may be damaged. Try to download different camera apps from the Play Store. Another way to solve the problem is to save all the data and return the iPhone 7 to the factory settings.

3. The camera is defective If these do not work, the camera may be damaged. In this case, use this guide to repair the camera

iPhone 7 not charge

1. The device will not charge when plugged in

2. The battery is defective

The battery of the device may be defective and does not provide enough voltage to pass a certain limit threshold. Once below the threshold, the device will not draw power at all. Try to charge the temporary solution as shown in this video or try to replace the battery for a more viable and permanent solution.

3. Charging port failure If the charging port fails, it needs to be replaced.

4. Logic board solution

Apple iPhone 7 Troubleshooting

Tutorial/How to...

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The power button is not responding

Sometimes holding down the power button for 10 seconds will not power off the device. If this happens to try holding the “Volume Down” button along with the power button. Wait 10 seconds and the screen should power off. Press the power button again to turn the device on.

The touch screen digitizer is damaged or not working

The touch screen digitizer may need to replace if it is damaged. If not working please see our iPhone 7 touch screen not working repair step-by-step tutorial video and then repair by yourself.

The battery drains quickly

1. The battery is exhausted after modest use, this is a normal phenomenon

2. Applications running in the background can quickly run out of batteries. Make sure to close all applications and games when you are not using your iPhone 7. Turn off Wi-Fi and GPS when the iPhone 7is not in use or close to Internet sources, as the phone wastes energy searching Wi-Fi and location. Decreasing the brightness also helps save energy.

3. The battery is defective If you close the application and change the iPhone 7 ' s settings do not work, the battery may be defective. Use the guide to replace the old battery.

The home button does not working

1. The home button is no response or isn’t there. When the button cannot be pressed, there may be something under it to hold it up. To solve this problem, remove the button and make sure there is nothing stuck under it. You may need to wipe off the area below. Once it is clean enough, the key is snapped back into place. If it still cannot be used, then you need a replacement.

2. The fingerprint function is not working. Actually, 80% of these malfunctions can be fixed by the repair method we demonstrated in the video.

Apple iPhone 7 Troubleshooting

The button is missing

If the button is missing, replace it. Please note that you will lose your touch ID function after replacing a new home

button. Any questions or suggestions please comment at below or directly email to 

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