The Ultimate Solution to Remove Phone Scratches

Rick Apr 23, 2021

In daily life, scratches are commonly seen in phone screen and back glass since they are exposed.

To remove scratches, professional refurbishment tools and techniques are needed. Refurbished phones offer consumers cost-effective choices to save money when buying phones. For refurbishment factories and pre-owned phone recyclers, an effective refurbishment solution is a must.

Old Scratches Removing Way

To remove scratches on the screen or back glass, some people use sandpaper with water, rubbing compound, etc., while others even use ferment powder with water. These manual ways take a longer time and the success rate is uncertain. Worse still, the phone may have water damage while polishing. Since it is hard to polish evenly, the tempered glass film can’t be applied after polishing.

In addition to manual ways, the dry grinder also is used to remove scratches. The operation of the machine is complicated and needs programming. The tempered film can’t be installed after polishing too.

A more proactive way is to replace a new screen or back glass, which requires professional tools and techniques. For screen replacement, tools needed include screen separator, glue remover, bubble removing machine, UV lamp. Refurbishment steps comprise bezel removing, front glass separating, OCA removing, laminating and bubble removing. It is obvious that lots of tools and steps are needed for screen replacement. For back glass replacement, it demands a laser machine to separate the cracked glass. Both solutions necessitate a replacement, undoubtedly increasing the cost and operation difficulty.

New Scratches Removing Way - REFOX Grinding and Polishing Machine

Refurbishing the screen and back glass with the REFOX Grinding and Polishing Machine doesn’t require front glass and back glass replacement. The grinding and polishing machine refurbishes the phone through grinding the scratches away. The grinding and polishing machine works with a UV lamp and air compressor. In terms of difficulty, refurbishing with the machine is easy since replacement is no longer needed. After the parameters are set, you only need to put the waterproofed devices into the machine and press the start button to begin polishing. As for efficiency, it takes only 3-6 minutes to refurbish screen and back glass with small scratches while refurbishment for the phone with bigger scratches takes 8-12 minutes. Furthermore, the machine can refurbish up to 8 phones at a time, tremendously enhancing efficiency. The UPH of the machine is listed below.

Grinding and Polishing Machine UPH

Grinding and Polishing Machine UPH

Note: APM-02 can grind and polish 2 phones at the same time; APM-04 can grind and polish 4 phones at the same time; APM-08 can grind and polish 8 phones at the same time

With regards to ROI, if you take the APM-04, it will cost you $5300 max (machine cost + airfreight rate + custom clearance) for delivery. It has been calculated that the cost of materials per phone will be up to $1 once you get the machine started. According to the prices on a pre-owned phone website, the price gap between a phone with scratches and a phone without scratches is at least $20. Therefore, you will earn an extra $19 more per phone at least with the grinding and polishing machine, which means that you will increase your profit by at least $9,500 per month provided you grind and polish 500 phones per month, far exceeding the cost of the machine.

To sum up, the grinding and polishing machine is a decent choice for people who are looking to remove phone scratches in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Please watch the videos below to see how the REFOX Grinding and Polishing Machine works.

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