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Blake Jan 03, 2020

A handy set of tools is essential for mobile phone motherboard repair. Today we will introduce a 3 In 1 Rework Station that REWA LAB masters highly recommend (especially to beginners). Featuring a relatively low price, the rework station can not only help repair technicians keep their workspace well-organized but also improve their repair efficiency. Let’s check their performance one by one.

Hot Air Rework Station

The hot air rework station supports both vertical wind and helical wind, which can meet different motherboard repair needs. The vertical wind type is applied to remove small components and chips on the motherboard. With uniform wind speed and accurate&stable operating temperature, the vertical wind type won’t affect components around when being used.

The helical wind type, on the other hand, is applied to remove large ICs like CPU and NAND on the motherboard. Its wind speed is gentle and won’t damage these chips even with long heating time. The hot air rework station also features Channel 1/2/3 preset temperature for fast switch. Well, you can also adjust the temperature and air flow as you like.

Nozzle Replacing

The hot air gun can convert between vertical wind and helical wind. All you need to do is replace the nozzle. What’s more, the hot air gun features excellent heat dissipation structure, you can replace the nozzle after powering off and waiting for only 1 minute. And it is easy to do that.

Step 1, Get the vertical wind nozzle stuck in the metal stand first, then rotate and pull out the handle by some force.

Step 2, Continue to get the helical wind nozzle stuck in the metal stand, then rotate and stuff the handle into the nozzle so that the handle can be fitted to the nozzle.

Soldering Station

It features Channel 1/2/3 preset temperature for fast switch, which is just the same like the Hot Air rework station. You can also adjust the temperature and air flow as you like. The operating temperature of the tip is stable. There is no paste caking when dragging the solder paste across the pad.

DC Power Supply

Its built-in 5V-15V output voltage range and 0.5A-3A output current range can meet different PCBA board repair needs. Tips: Please pay special attention to the output voltage you set. You might damage the logic board with improper setting. The 5V voltage range is for mobile phone repair. Whereas the 15V voltage range is for MacBook repair.

Operation Guide Of The DC Power Supply

Firstly, connect the battery connector with the DC Power Supply. Then set the output voltage range within 5V and the output current range within 3A by toggling the switch. Continue to adjust the voltage knob to set the output voltage (3.8V-4.2V). Get the motherboard powered on by tweezers. Movement of the pointer on the front panel will be an indicator of the booting current.

The Atten 3 In 1 Rework Station Best Choice For Motherboard Repair Beginner is available now in REWA ONLINE SHOP at a relatively low price. For bulk ordering of motherboard repair tools and parts, please contact your Account Manager for a discount.





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