Battery life examination of iPhone 13 and 12

Blake May 04, 2021

Apple dispatches four iPhone 13, iPhone 13 MINI, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2021, notwithstanding battery development, and has likewise acquired a ton of enhancements alongside battery proceeded with longer life battery. Lets check out the difference compared with the iPhone 12. 


Apple iPhone 13 model is indistinguishable from iPhone 12 appearance, the thing that matters is that the iPhone 13 has a thickness of 0.25 mm contrasted with iPhone 12, which is basically impacted by a higher capacity battery and another camera module.  


iPhone 13 thickness: 7.65 mm 

iPhone 12 thickness: 7.4 mm 


iPhone 13 battery capacity is raised, 8% increment in iPhone 13, 9% of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13, where iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity is most altogether reached by 18%, yet in addition the iPhone has above 4000mAh huge battery capacity for the first time.  


iPhone 13 mini battery capacity is 2406mAh 

iPhone 13 battery capacity is 3095mAh 

iPhone 13 pro battery capacity is 3095mAh 

iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity is 4352mAh 


iPhone 13 Comparison of Battery life with iPhone 12 


As indicated by Apple's fully-digital "California streaming" event on September 14  , the iPhone 13 Series battery life on fortifying 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours expanded than the iPhone 12 Series, the information is as per the following: 


iPhone 13 mini battery life to increase 1.5 hours than iPhone 12 mini 

iPhone 13 battery life is raised by 2.5 hours than iPhone 12 

iPhone 13 Pro battery life to boost 1.5 hours than iPhone 12 Pro 

iPhone 13 Pro Max battery life is more than 2.5 hours than iPhone 12 Pro Max 


The iPhone 13 series fully enhances battery capacity, and is equipped with 5 nano-enhanced version A15 bionic chips to reduce power consumption, which will make iPhone 13 battery life strengthening. 

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