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Blake Oct 10, 2018

The dominance of Apple over other tech brands is due to the fact that it stays at least a couple of years ahead of its competitors, specifically if you spend a moment just talking about iPhone. There are a bunch of reasons behind the success of iPhone. But the newly-launched iPhone XS is exceptional good. Absolutely sensational.

Is it over-garnishing? Maybe. But let me support my statement, and we'll appreciate your opposition then.

Apple Inc. has launched the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR on 12 Sep. Though, XS is an enhanced version of the iPhone X beginning at $999. And if you want to send iPhone from UK to India, go for a well-reputed iPhone shipping company.

Unequivocally, choosing between these two is not as easy as falling off a log because there is not much difference. But depending upon the understanding of which elements you like and features, you can opt for XS or XS Max or the less costly XR.

Here, we are going to take a closer look at the just-released iPhone XS. Let’s get into this - Unique Features in the latest iPhone XR. Some of the unique features of iPhone XS are as under:

12-megapixel Dual camera

An enthusiastic 12-megapixel dual camera system gets more details to iPhone photos as claimed by the Apple. Users will be able to click more sophisticated portraits. If you spend a moment just talking about the video quality, it’s terrific as compared to the output given by any other smartphone out there in the market, Apple says. An add-on Face ID recognition system is something users might lay their eyes on. With faster and super secure Face ID recognition system, the new XS is equipped with the true depth camera. Face ID recognition system will help to unlock the device and accessing Apple Pay. That’s amazing. Isn’t it?

The A12 ‘Bionic’ chip

The advantage of this unique A12 Bionic processor is it will enable XS to run nine times faster than the older versions. According to a statement by Apple, the A12 Bionic chip will be able to handle 5 trillion operations per second. Truly amazing. No Ifs Ands or Buts about this. If compared to the previous A11, this new chip will consume 40 percent reduced power. The GPU inside the A12 Bionic chip is 50 percent quicker than the last year’s chip. Overall, this new chip’s addition will bring a bunch of improvements that the older processing systems were lacking. The saying goes, this A12 Bionic chip with first ever 7-nanometer mobile processor is the star performer, iPhone claims. Still less? No way.

Screen size

Another unique feature of the latest iPhone XS is the larger screen size it has. Apple offers the largest display (5.8 inches) ever offered in Apple smartphones in the latest iPhone XS. For the case of XS Max, add-on “cinematic” display for an ameliorated view of movies, video and games. Both the XS and XS Max got “Super Retina” display with the improved pixel density of iOS devices. Apple has left no stone unturned in the durability of this new boy XS. According to the company, the front and back glass layout now offered is sturdier than any other smartphone and is much more immune to scratches. Whoa. The brand knows that diversity is the spice of life. On that account, you can go for 6.1-inch iPhone XR or even 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max if you are after the large screen size.

Battery life

Battery life is a very important factor while shopping around for a smart phone. If a smartphone runs out of power in a very short time period then it is futile to give it a try. Every smartphone manufacturing brand is just focussing on the longer battery time and life. And Apple once again won the show here. Keeping a close eye on this, the new XS will have 30 minutes of extra battery life as compared to the ongoing iPhone X. And you know the amazing chapter of the story? It’s about the battery life the XS Max will offer, well-nigh 1.5 hours more. Can you believe that? If you talk about the iPhone X’s average battery time, it’s unbeatable 10 hours, 49 minutes on the battery test. If my memory serves me well, this time is nearly 1 hour greater than any typical smartphone. Still and all, the new iPhone XS is a perfect smartphone to buy if you want a phone that gets you through the day on a single charge. That’s tremendous.

Waterproof tech

One of the much-needed features in any smartphone is waterproof technology. Keeping a close watch on this factor, both the XS and XS Max are made waterproof. Both the smartphones are tested by the company in beer, wine, tea and other liquids. Apple declares that the aforementioned smartphones are much more repellent to water and dust damage as compared to the iPhone X. Both the iPhone XS and XS Max are offered with a bunch of fruitful additions but IP68 rated water, splash, and dust resistance is the best feature these smartphones are presented with. You can check out by throwing your phone in a swimming pool. I kid you not.

More colorful OLED screens

The OLED panel in this new iPhone is identical to the last iPhone X, with much the same 2,436 x 1,125 resolution as before but that’s not the case with iPhone XS Max. There is a sharper resolution in XS Max due to its larger OLED screen. Be that as it may, the new iPhone screens are much more colorful with 60 percent more dynamic range as stated by Apple.

Faster Face ID

The Face ID capability was introduced in last year’s iPhone for the first time due to which users are able to unlock the phone using a facial scan. Same is the case with the latest iPhone. Identical to the button free design of iPhone X’s home screen, the XS uses Face ID but at a very faster rate. According to Apple, new algorithms are applied in order to speed up the facial recognition process. Absolutely stunning. What are you waiting for?





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