Bezel Glue Dispensing Machine

Blake Mar 09, 2021

A brand new Bezel Glue Dispensing Machine designed for Professional Solution is available now!

This cell phone broken LCD refurbishing machine is based on Hot Melt Glue and high temperature. The easy operation Intelligent program allows it to achieve volume production. And it comes with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus Molds.

Here is the main

specification : Voltage: 220V Power: 800W N.W.: 40KG G.W.: 63KG Dimension: 65x53x71cm Working Environment: 20-30℃, Dust-free Room

As well as

operation steps : 1. Connect to the air compressor and put bezel glue into the Heating Drum2. Plug in and turn on 3. Establish the right program to the right series bezel 4. Temperature set 220℃(no higher than 280℃), pressure set 0.5Mpa 5. Place the bezel on the mold, then start the machine, it will finish by itself. (Note: Add one pc bezel glue after finish 200 pcs bezel every time; test the machine by checking whether glue dispensing is fluent or not).

Tips: a. Test the machine by checking whether glue dispensing is fluent or not. b. Hot Melt Glue should be added the second time after you have done a certain number of bezel frames(100-200pcs), so as to avoid the blockage of the needle.

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