Common iPhone Screen Problems Summary

Blake Feb 02, 2021

When using iPhone, users may come across screen-related issues. Below are some common problems that can be fixed manually:

The display suddenly becomes dark.

There are two reasons why the display becomes dark:

First, the Auto-Brightness function is turned on, and the screen will become dimmer or brighter because of the environment. You can manage this feature in iPhone Settings - Accessibility - Display and Text Size.

Second, due to the high temperature, the screen may also become dim or even turns black when the device is overheating. When the screen suddenly becomes dim, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the device is too hot. At this time, you should stop using the device and put it away. After it has cooled down, you can use the device.

The iphone screen looks yellow

When the "True Tone" function is turned on, the screen will automatically adapt to the ambient light, allowing the image to display more nature. The screen may therefore look warmer. If you find that the iPhone display hue is getting warmer or more yellow color, the Dark Mode may be turned on. The Dark Mode adjusts the display color to a warmer tone, thereby reducing the excitement of the display on the eyes. It is suitable for use in a dark or darker environment. You can go to the iPhone Settings - Display and Brightness to close it.

Display screen or icon is too big

If the icon or picture on the display is too large, it is generally caused by the accidental opening of the "Zoom" function. Please reduce using three fingers to tap the screen.

To turn off the zoom function, go to Settings - Accessibility – Zoom. Then tap to close "Zoom".

Display color distortion

If the color distortion on the iPhone display, you may need to adjust the color filter:

Please go to Settings – Accessibility – Display & Text Size and turn off Classic Invert or Smart Invert Inverse. Or turn on Color Filters to adjust.

In addition, if the iPhone screen shows leakage, abnormal spot, bright vertical strips, dim or gray spots, the screen itself is damaged and it needs to be sent for repair.

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