How to Fix Galaxy S9 Plus Not Showing Network Signal

Blake Dec 11, 2019

Built-in with numerous hardware upgrades in comparison to S8, Samsung Galaxy S9 is a fantastic Smartphone. But many individuals have complained about

Samsung S9 plus no network connection problem to date. The overall performance of the mobile device is noteworthy. It comes with a shiny aluminum frame & gorilla glass on the back & the front. The device is robust as it comprises of robust 845 Snapdragon processor along with 4 GB RAM. Not to forget is the AMOLED display which is 5.8 inches. Troubleshooting sometimes becomes necessary due to Samsung S9 signal issues. We will learn how to fix this issue in this article.

What does no service mean?

If you want to know whether your Samsung Galaxy S9 plus connectivity issues are really there or not, you check if you are able to:

  1. Utilize mobile data
  2. Send messages
  3. Make calls
  4. Check network connection strength by glancing at signal bars icon situated at the top right of the screen

If there are no bars, or if you see a minute “x” next to the network signal on the display of your phone, then there is no network service.

Steps to follow

The first thing to do when Samsung won’t connect to data is listed below.

  1. Settings – General Management & click on Reset
  2. Pick Reset Network settings

Secondly, if you are unable to restart the device automatically, you can put it off and then power it on again.

After completion of all the steps, you need to check still the Galaxy S9 sprint slow internet and network issue is still persisting or not.

If you are unable to solve the issue, you can try it manually with these steps:

  1. Settings – Connections – Mobile networks
  2. Select Network Mode & turn it to GSM/WCDMA. This step is necessary for eradicating LTE and to check it can be linked manually or not
  3. Then choose Network Operators & strike on Search networks
  4. The device will try to connect with nearby networks for 1 to 2 minutes. After search completion, you will see your Carrier in the list. Select the apt Carrier name and check whether the issue of Samsung s9 plus mobile data not working solved or not.

Thirdly you can try to utilize another SIM card

  1. A faulty SIM card might be the reason behind Samsung won't connect to data.
  2. Insert a known SIM card to function on another device into your Smartphone. If retrieval of the signal takes place, the problem can be with the SIM. Otherwise, the problem might be linked to your account as well.

What happens when you reset network settings?

When you carry out this step, you will be resetting all the data connections to the default factory conditions. The settings that will occur are:

  1. Deletion of stored Wi-Fi networks
  2. Deletion of paired Bluetooth devices
  3. Turning on of background data sync settings
  4. The mode of network selection will switch to automatic

To carry out a network reset:

  1. On the Home Screen, choose an empty area to swipe up for opening Apps tray
  2. Then click on Settings – General Management – Reset – Reset the network settings
  3. Click on RESET SETTINGS
  4. In case there is a pin, you need to enter it
  5. Again tap on RESET SETTINGS
  6. On completion, you will get to see a confirmation window

Another solution – Factory reset

  1. Put the phone off
  2. Press & clutch the Volume up & Bixby key and then press & hold the Power key
  3. Release all the keys when you see the green Android logo on the display
  4. Highlight factory reset/wipe data as you press down the volume up key many times
  5. Press the power button for selecting
  6. Keep pressing the volume down key till this is highlighted – ‘Yes – delete all user data’
  7. Select by pressing the power button and begin the master reset
  8. On completion of master reset, you will see that ‘Reboot system now’ is getting highlighted
  9. The device can be restarted as the power key is pressed

Wrapping it up

Likely after you follow all these steps, your phone will be registered on network Samsung with ease. Even if the problem persists, then getting your phone checked by experts at the service center is recommended. On top of this, many of the apps are spam nowadays in google play store. So you can always take the consultation of Mobile App Development Company if you’re stuck anywhere.





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