Fix iPhone 12 Sound Not Working Issue During Calls

Blake Feb 23, 2021

Many users will find some problems when using the iPhone 12. For example, there is no sound on phone calls. What has caused the problem and how to solve it? Let’s check it out with REWA.


iPhone 12 has no sound during calls while the phone shows the other party is still calling. Currently, only a small number of users encounter this problem. We can solve the problem by restoring or turning off VoLTE. If you want to solve the problem thoroughly, you need to wait for the official iOS update.


Turn Off VoLTE


  1. Go to Settings > Cellular
  2. Next in the cellular network settings, select one of the numbers in the Cellular Number below and go to Settings

  3. Then select the Voice and Data option, you can also see that the VoLTE is currently turned on

  4. Lastly, in the Voice and Data settings, turn off the slider on the right side of VoLTE

Reset the phone to factory settings


  1. Go to Settings and General
  2. Go to Reset
  3. Select Erase All Content and Settings to resetthe phone to factory settings
  4. Subsequently in the pop-up window, select Erase Immediately

  5. You need to enter a password or verify by Face ID before erasing all content and settings

  6. Finally, in the pop-up option, click Erase iPhone to restore the factory settings

That’s all for how to fix iPhone 12 sound not working during calls.


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