Four Tips for Maintaining iPhone batteries?

Blake Mar 02, 2021

Regularly checking battery information can only help us understand the battery's degradation and cannot extend the life of the battery. In fact, the battery can also be maintained, but you didn't pay attention to these problems before.

Avoid using poor and unoriginal charging accessories

The original is not necessarily the best, but it must be the safest. The same is true for charging accessories. During charging, the mobile phone is impacted directly. Using pirated or unauthenticated chargers and data cables will cause a certain extent or irreparable damage to the device. So you should not use an informal accessory because of the price, which gives you a huge loss.

iphone charging accessories

Pay attention to the temperature of the environment in the device

Some friends may have encountered such a thing. You take the iPhone to run outdoors on a cold winter night. The phone will suddenly prompt you that it can’t work under such a temperature. The iPhone battery has some requirements for temperature, and the most ideal working environment between is 16 ° C to 22 °C.

If your iPhone is running in an environment above 35 ° C, the consequence may be permanent battery capacity damage. The so-called permanent damage is unable to recover. Maybe you will encounter the "unpleasant full power". Using iPhone in extremely cold environments will temporarily compromise the performance and shorten the battery life. When you return to the normal environment, the battery will automatically recover.

Under the right conditions, update your system

In fact, the official version of iOS includes optimization of battery usage and battery life. The latest version of energy-saving technologies is generally better than previous versions, but it is recommended that you update according to the actual situation. For example, updating an old device to the latest system can cause more harm than good, so updating your system to the new version under the appropriate conditions is the best choice.

Storage equipment to ensure power

If you temporarily do not use your iPhone, you must pay attention to keeping the power of about 50%. Because when the battery loss is low, it may fall into a depth discharge state, resulting in damage to the battery. Conversely, the device has been in the state of charge and is placed for a long time, which will induce permanent battery degradation. So when you choose to place the iPhone for a long time, you must not only choose a suitable environment but also maintain its power.

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