How to fix iPhone 12 screen flickering issue - What is the solution?

Blake May 25, 2021

The screens of iPhone 12 are fully upgraded and the original LCD screen is changed to the OLED screen. The flickering issue of the OLED screen is well known. Then how to solve this problem? REWA brings you the latest mobile phone information. Let’s check it out!

iPhone 12 screen flickering

How to fix iPhone 12 screen flickering issue?

At present, after using the iPhone 12 for a long time, the eyes will be dry, because the OLED will flicker under PWM dimming. Imagine that the screen always flickers under low brightness (only the flicker is invisible to the naked eye, but the visual nerve can sense it), which leads to eye problems.

iPhone 12 does not support DC dimming.

However, we can reduce the screen flickering by adjusting the brightness spot, do not triggering PWM dimming. Then keep the screen in a suitable low brightness value by "lowering the white point value". The specific method is not particularly difficult.

Use tutorial

1. Go to "Settings"

2. Open “Accessibility”

3. Choose "Display & Text Size"

4. Find "Reduce White Point"

We can use this way to indirectly reduce the iPhone 12 screen flickering, by which you can relieve your eyes dryness and protect your eyes. It is pretty amazing.

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