How to fix your iPhone 8 touchscreen that is not working

Blake Jan 08, 2021

iPhone 8 touch screen unresponsive reasons:

According to online related information of the IOS system, the iPhone 8 touch screen failure has the following reasons:

iPhone system problem fault;

iPhone crash;

People who encounter iPhone 8 touch screen failure can try to use the following methods

Solution 1: Force Restart

The iPhone 8 restart is different from those of the past. Here is the shutdown method of iPhone 8.

Firstly, press the volume up button and then press the volume down button, and finally long press the power button until the screen is black and the Apple logo is shown.

Take a moment and then turn it on.

Solution 2: Reset to factory settings

If it is the system fault or incompatible system software, you can try to reset iPhone 8 to factory settings.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

Solution 3: Update the system

Update the phone system, and delete software that is not compatible with the system.

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