How to Quickly Fix iPhone 11 Crashing

Blake Jun 22, 2021

First, let's analyze the reasons for the crashing of iPhone 11:

1. The plug-in affects the normal operation of the software, and the APP is crashing;

2. The downloaded software does not match the system version. Some software only supports Apple iOS 12, and can’t run on iOS 13.

3. APP keeps flashing. It is also possible that the software needs to be updated.

4.Internal hardware issues may cause the phone to abnormal operation and crashing.

5.Apple iOS system often has bugs.

iPhone 11 crashing solution:

Solution 1:

In many cases, many problems can be solved by restarting which includes crashing. Restarting the phone can solve some software crashing issues.

Solution 2:

1. Data backup must be done to prevent data loss.

2. Next, open the background management window. Exit the crashing APP and open again.

3. If exiting the crashing APP can't solve the problem, you can try again to open the background management widow again, and turn off all the usage programs in the background.

4. If all the usage programs are closed in the background, you can try to restart iPhone.

5. If restarting still can't solve the crashing problem, then try to restore all the settings of your phone. This function is to restore all the settings of the phone to the original state, but will not delete existing data and media on your phone. It should be noted that if your iPhone 11 has jailbreak, please do not use this feature to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Solution 3:

In addition, the iPhone also has functions that restore all settings, which can also effectively solve the crashing problem.

Steps: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

If you use the above methods and the phone still keeps crashing, you can try to delete the APP and install it again.

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