How to save the iphone xs battery life?

Rick Jun 26, 2021

Tips 1: Disable Background App Refresh

You can start with disabling Background App Refresh. Go to Settings > General > Usage, recording the remaining standby and use time. Then turn off Background App Refresh and lock the phone to wait 10 minutes. Then return to Settings > General > Usage. You will see that the battery life will increase by at least 10 minutes. If there is no change, you also need to turn off all current background running applications one by one.

Go to Settings > General > Close the Background Application to see the APP list. Turn them all off.

Tips 2: Disable Email Notification

Spam is like virus nowadays, and many users can't tolerate them every day. You can try to disable email notifications. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Get New Data. You can turn off these features. Or set every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour to let iPhone XS check a new email. You will not miss important emails. The longer the interval, the more battery life you will save.

Tips 3: Disable application notification

Some apps will send you notifications. You can go to Settings > Notifications to check in detail. Click any of the applications in the list to turn it off so that the notifications will not be received.

Tips 4: Disable automatic download

If you set the music, applications, and system of iPhone XS to automatic update, you will also consume a lot of battery life. Therefore, a part of the battery life can be saved in this feature. Go to Settings > iTunes Store and App Store to disable the Cellular Data option. Then the iPhone XS will be updated with Wi-Fi.

Tips 5: Shorten automatic lock screen time

When you are not using it, your iPhone XS screen takes a while to go dark. And you can go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock. Set it to the minimum values that you can accept, which can also help you save a lot of battery life under the premise of using it.

Tips 6: Turn off AirDrop-save the iphone xs battery life

No one needs the AirDrop to be on all the time. So when you need it, you can slide up from the bottom of the screen and open it in the control center.

Tips 7: Use black static wallpapers and themes

You can disable Auto-Brightness in the wallpaper and brightness, so that the screen is always in a darker state, saving a lot of battery life. After all, we need more brightness in the case of direct sunlight. And this situation will not always appear.

Tips 8: Disable animation effect

If you don't like dynamic background, visual difference, and 3D effect, then you can also turn it off. A still picture can be set as wallpapers in the Wallpaper and Brightness, and the animation effect can be turned off in General > Auxiliary.

Tips 9: Disable GPS

Unless the map must be used, the GPS is not helpful at all, which is also very power-consuming. You can go to Settings > Privacy to disable the GPS, or keep the applications that must be positioned, and turn off the others.

Tips 10: Turn off Siri

If you don't use Siri, you can turn it off directly.

Tips 11: Turn off the vibration

In Settings > Sound, you can choose to turn off vibration, and disable the vibration of the new email notification in the Mail, which will save you much battery life.

Tips 12: Disable iCloud

Go to iCloud, you will see cloud synchronization will consume a lot of data and power. Of course, you can re-open iCloud synchronous backup with the phone connected to power, so that you can save important data.

If you have followed the above suggestions, the iphone xs battery life is still draining fast. It is possible that the battery may be a problem. You can test the battery life in the nearest repair store.

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