How to unlock the iPhone memo by face ID?

Blake Feb 10, 2021

If you don't want the content recorded in the iPhone's memo to be easily viewed by others, you can set a password for the memo or unlock the memo through face ID.

Notes before use:

1. It is recommended to create a password that is easy to remember and set a password prompt for yourself. Make sure you can remember the password, otherwise you may not be able to view the locked memo.

2. If you access your iCloud memo on multiple Apple devices, you will use the same memo password to lock and unlock all memos.

3.Enabling Face ID or Touch ID as a memo password will add the encryption key used to the encryption memo to your key chain, which can be accessed through your device password. This means that anyone who has your device lock screen password can access your lock memo. To maximize security, you can choose not to enable Face ID or Touch ID as a memo password.

Set the memo password and set the Face ID unlock:

1. Open the memo to be locked, tap "Operation" button or "..." button in the upper right corner, then tap "Lock Memo".

2. Enter your password and be sure to set your password prompt for yourself. At this point, you can choose to access the locked memo through the Face ID and tap "Finish" to save.

If you have already set a password, you need to change your password or set it. You can go to the iPhone "Settings" - "Memo" to make changes.

After locking the memo, it will automatically be protected by the password on all your devices. If you use a Face ID or Touch ID on other devices to unlock a memo, you must enter a password. Then enable the Face ID or Touch ID on the device used.

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