Installation Tips for Android Screen Assembly

REWA Nov 10, 2021

There are so many different models for Android screen assembly, which might drive you crazy when installing them.


Android screen assembly


REWA LAB has summarized some common installation tips for Android screen assembly.


In this article, we take HUAWEI P40 for example. Make sure to clean all residual glue before installing screen assembly to avoid screen damage.


1. In the first place, check if the screen fits the bezel.


Installation Tips for Android Screen Assembly


2. Install the anti-dust receiver mesh.


screen fits the bezel


HUAWEI Screen Assembly


3. Apply the adhesive. Always choose suitable adhesive (OEM adhesive) and do not use too much adhesive to avoid display & touch issues.


Android Screen adhesive


4. Install the screen assembly. Be careful to laminate the screen to protect display IC parts and glass bezel.


Android Screen Assembly


5. Connect the end with no flex cables and then connect the bottom end. Gently press around. Leave screen for at least 1 min after finishing glue dispensing until the glue is solidified.


Installation Tips Screen Assembly


6. Fix the screen with a rubber band. Cut the rubber band with a pair of scissors.


screen assembly


Installation Tips Screen


7. Remove excess adhesive on the edges. Check if the screen assembly is correctly installed. Make sure to remove the protective film before installing screen assembly to ensure graphite heat dissipation parts work normally.


Installation Tips Android Screen Assembly


For a video version of the operation, please visit our YouTube channel.

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