iOS 15.2 the first beta release, what are the new features?

Blake Nov 05, 2021

Recently Apple released the first beta test version of iOS 15.2, version number 19c5026i. This update is mainly introduced into the "Privacy Report" function to allow users to view application activities in the new sector settings. At the same time, IPADOS 15.2, TVOS 15.2, Watchos 8.3, etc. also open the test.


iOS 15.2 Beta updates summary:


1, App Privacy Report


This feature allows users to view App activities, such as data networks, location information, address books, etc., such as data networks, location information, address books, etc. to view applications.


After updating the device to iOS 15.2, enter "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Applied Privacy Report" - "Open Application Privacy Report". Once the application is used, the data will begin to display.


iOS 15.2 The first beta release

  1. Emergency SOS

SOS Emergency Call is an important feature on the iPhone. When you make a call through this feature, the iPhone will automatically call the local first aid number. After the emergency call is over, the iPhone will use SMS to inform you of the emergency contact, send them your current location information, and send your emergency contact update from your location after you enter the SOS mode information.


SOS Emergency Call Functions are updated in the iOS 15.2 beta, which can be activated by a power button and volume key, or quickly pressing a power button five-time activation, and the automatic dialing countdown is changed from 3 seconds to 8 seconds.

Emergency SOS


3, notification summary


Notification summary Add more card appearance.


4, information security


For the equipment being used by the child, if the parent management function is opened, parent will be notified when the system recognizes that there is a transmission or accepting an indecent picture.





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