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Blake Jun 14, 2017

Are you bothered by the insufficient supply of OEM New iPad Touch Screen Assembly? REWA here offers you high-quality AAA grade replacement. Integrated supply chain, fully tested iPhone 6S glass lens and strict procedures for producing process, all contribute to the outstanding quality and stable supply of our products.

Glass Sampling

All REWA glass lens has to go through tough tests like bending test, drop test, hydrophobic effect test, etc. to ensure the outstanding quality.

iPad Touch Screen Assembly Sample Groups

During glass sampling process, there are three sample groups for comparison.

Group (A)——REWA AAA Grade

Group (B)——OEM New

Group (C)——Prevail on the Market

1. Bending Test

Run bending test on iPad Touch Screen Assembly groups (A), (B) and (C) respectively.

Max Bending Force Value:

Group (A)——72.86kgf

Group (B)——78.16kgf

Group (C)——30.76kgf

Bending Test Result:

Group (A)——Good

Group (B)——Excellent

Group (C)——Poor

2.Drop Test

Run drop test on iPad Touch Screen Assembly groups (A), (B) and (C) respectively. Each sample goes through three times continuously.

Max Drop Strength Value:

Group (A)——90cm/90g

Group (B)——90cm/90g

Group (C)——80cm/65g

Drop Test Result:

Group (A)——Excellent

Group (B)——Excellent

Group (C)——Poor

3.Dimension Measurement

Thickness parameters of iPad Touch Screen Assembly groups (A), (B) and (C) are as following:

Group (A)——0.57mm

Group (B)——0.56mm

Group (C)——0.58mm

4.Hydrophobic Effect Comparison

Sample Water Alcohol N-hexane (A) good ordinary ordinary (B) excellent excellent excellent (C) ordinary poor poor

5.Light Transmittance Test

Before the test, tear off the protective film and run cosmetic inspection of iPad Touch Screen Assembly groups (A), (B) and (C). After that, run Light Transmittance Test under dimly lit environment.

Visible light transmittance value of Camera hole (550nm) :

Group (A)——95%

Group (B)——95%

Group (C)——92%

Visible light transmittance value of the touch panel Functional area (550nm):

Group (A)——92%

Group (B)——93%

Group (C)——92%

6.Home Button Alignment

Install home button for a look——all glass lens fit perfectly well.


Group (A) runs with a good performance during all those tests. REWA AAA Grade proves to be qualified for the following assembly producing process.

Digitizer Assembling

1.Touch Panel

Adhere the ACF adhesive to the corresponding position of the touch panel. Then complete bonding the FPC to the corresponding positions of the touch panel respectively.

After bonding, connect the touch panel to the touch system for function test and run sampling inspection of both defective and non-defective samples of the touch panel with the electron microscope to analyze the bonding effect.

Once finished, deliver the completed touch panel to the next process via the transfer window.

2.Roller Dedusting

Use the roller to finish preliminary cleaning of the touch panel.

3.Glass Cleaning

In the high grade purifying environment, clean each glass lens with the cleaner.

4.Glass Laminating

In the high grade purifying environment, run re-clean and re-inspection process of the glass lens. After that, laminate the touch panel with the glass lens with the help of the semi-automatic laminating machine.

5.Bubble Removing

Put the touch screen assembly on the tray and place it into the bubble removing machine for 45 minutes. Set the pressure value as 0.6MPa and activate the bubble removing process.

Once finished, take out the touch screen assembly.

6.Protective Film Attaching

Attach exclusive protective film to the front and back of the touch screen assembly for quality guarantee.

7.Semi-finished product warehouse in

Once finished, deliver the semi-finished products to the warehouse.

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