iPhone 12 mini touchscreen is not working – Here is the fix!

Blake Aug 12, 2020

Does your iPhone 12 mini have unresponsive touchscreen? Some users say that iPhone 12 mini touchscreen is not working in lock screen and they can’t unlock quickly.

Problem Description:

The touchscreen of iPhone 12 mini is not working after screen lock. After taking out from the pocket, the call can’t be received. The phone is not responding even you press answer and can’t access the desktop. In addition, in the lock screen state, the display screen does not always recognize the unlocking operation that is pressed or slider in the lock screen and the flashlight button. Currently, the coverage of this problem is relatively high, and some users find that if you use other fingers, this situation will make a slight improvement.

The touchscreen issue is more obvious when using the phone case. You need to remove the phone case or touch the frame. The electrostatic interference is probably the cause. However, once the unlock is completed, the touchscreen problem no longer exists.

Solution: The iPhone 12 mini touchscreen issue mostly happens to users who applied a full screen film or a mobile phone case and the problem rarely happens with a bare phone.

If your iPhone 12 mini has this problem, and applied a full screen film, you can tear the screen protector, press the shortcut button in the lock screen interface or slide to unlock for testing.

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