iPhone 13 Pro Max Tips

Blake Mar 01, 2021

iPhone13 Pro Max This is the most popular iPhone 13 series of mobile phone this year. This phone can provide users with a good mobile phone 5G performance, while providing users with 13 Pro Max 120Hz screen refresh, you can provide users with a good screen display effect. Today we are going to share the following tips for using 13 Pro Max .


Specical button 


Due to the disappearance of the HOME button, the shortcuts of iPhone 13 lineups have changed: long pressing side keys are exhaled SiRi features, while pressing the side keys and volume up button are screenshot. 


In the power-on state, long press the volume up / down + side key into the sliding shutdown, medical emergency card and SOS emergency contact interface. 


In shutdown, long press the volume up / down + side key to enter the power-on state. 


Lock screen start 


On the lock screen interface of iPhone13 Pro Max, two shortcut icons with cameras and flashlights. 


Opening these two shortcuts is simple: gently press the corresponding icon, feel the vibration feedback will quickly start the corresponding function. 


For users who don't like this, iPhone13 Pro Max still retains the shortcut operation of the left slide and the right slip: slide to left woule be the camera interface, slide to the right would be screen interface. 


Auxiliary function 


As a user who likes to play mobile phones at night, excellent automatic adjustment brightness function is far less than enough. 


Here REWA recommends a good function combination: The auxiliary function shortcut key option is set to reduce the white point value. 


In the case of a dark light, the continuous pressing three side keys activate reduces the white point value function. 

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