iPhone 13 Unable to use Apple Watch unlocked solutions

Blake Nov 05, 2021

With the official release of the iPhone 13 series new models, many users have got new devices in the first time and getting into experience. However, some users have found an iPhone 13 Series with a bug: Unable to use the Apple Watch unlocking function and display "Unable to connect with Apple Watch communication".


The function of unlocked the iPhone through the Apple Watch is available in April, along with the iOS 14.5 and Watchos 7.4 . This feature requires an IOS 14.5 or higher iPhone with an IOS 14.5 or higher, as well as Apple Watch Series 3 or update models with Watchos 7.4 or higher. This feature can be unlocked with a mask and worn Apple Watch.


Under current normalization of epidemic prevention, the lack of this function causes frequent manual input passwords that require the wearing mask, which requires a lot of inconvenience.


The possible cause of this problem:


Apple's operating system always pays attention to safety, and inter-device needs complex authentication. Many people are transferred directly to new devices after getting new device, or first back the original machine and then recover, in which the Apple Watch is directly transferred to the new iPhone. It is speculated that the relevant security certificate or signature file binding to the original machine is included in the data transfer, resulting in problems with the authentication of Apple Watch and the new iPhone, which in turn cannot communicate.


Apple has confirmed that it will be resolved in subsequent updates:


Now, Apple has confirmed that "Using Apple Watch Unlock" function does not work properly on iPhone 13, and indicates that the problem will be repaired in the software update released later.


Therefore, iPhone 13 users who encounter this problem can be patiently waiting for Apple upcoming updates.


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