iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass - Repair Service and Parts Solution

Blake May 09, 2018

It is widely reported that iPhone 8/8 plus and iPhone X back glass is fragile and an expensive nightmare for customers. The unique design makes its repair even more difficult than screen replacement. For many repair shops, the only solution is to replace the whole housing with OEM parts. REWA here has two more cost-effective solutions for you to handle the problem. Let's find out the solutions to help you never feel anxious for iPhone 8/8 plus/x broken back glass repair again.

iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass

Back Glass Repair Solution

REWA offers professional back glass refurbishing service for our customers. If you feel it's too tough to repair the cracked iPhone 8/8P/X back glass by yourself or you are short of refurbishing machines and tools, third party repair service is a good choice.

iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass

Supply Chain Solution

REWA can provide you with high quality aftermarket back glass, back glass assembly, middle plate, and middle plate assembly for iPhone 8, as well as middle plate assembly for iPhone X. Compared with OEM housing, aftermarket parts for iPhone 8/8P/X seems to be a better choice.

iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass

REWA has been offering the latest technique solutions, reliable services and corresponding high-quality spare parts and tools for our customers. If you have any demands and problems related to cell phone repair, please do not hesitate to contact us for solutions.

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