iPhone is disabled after entering the wrong passcode too many times – What to do

Blake Jul 09, 2020

What should I do if iPhone is disabled or locked after incorrect password entries? Let's check it out with REWA!

Solution when iPhone is disabled: When the screen prompts "iPhone has been disabled", it indicates that the current iPhone has 6 wrong password entries, and the system has been locked X minutes. It can be entered again after the time expires. With the number of wrong password entries increasing, the longer the system is locked.

If you forget the iPhone lock screen password, the password can’t be reset or retrieved. If you confirm that the password has been forgotten, you can only choose to recover the system to clear the iPhone's device password.

1. If you have used iTunes or iCloud to make a whole backup for your iPhone, you can restore data from the backup.

2. If you have no backup before, you will lose all personal data. But personal data that is turned on in the synchronous switch in iCloud will not be lost.

3. We can enter the DFU recovery mode, restore the phone and then restore the factory mode. Connect the phone to the computer. Press and hold the power button and HOME button 10 seconds. Then release the power button only after 10 seconds. Press Home button 10 seconds and release it. Open iTunes. When prompted to successfully enter the recovery mode, click Restore or press the "Shift" button on the keyboard. At the same time, click the "Restore" button to select the corresponding firmware, performing the restoring operation.

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