iPhone X Restoration - More Than Board Swap

Blake May 28, 2020

REWA LAB received an iPhone X that had been severely damaged in a car accident. Today we will show you how to restore it step by step. Let's bring it back to life!
iPhone X Restoration - More Than Board Swap

Cosmetic Inspection

We can see that the phone has been severely damaged. The screen is shattered and the back glass is broken, the midframe is also deformed.   

We can see that the phone has been severely damaged. The screen is shattered and the back glass is broken, the midframe is also deformed. Let's remove the display assembly, the Face ID parts and the rear camera look just fine. The motherboard also looks fine too. However, The battery is severely deformed.


Get a new display assembly installed  

Get a new display assembly installed, And then connect the battery connector with the DC Power Supply. The phone turns on normally, but the touch screen is unresponsive. Observe the motherboard carefully, we can see there is an obvious gap between the third space PCB and the lower layer. Beside the lower layer is badly deformed. Depending on the motherboard's condition, we need to swap the lower layer. 

Jumping Wire

jumping wires  

But let's fix the upper layer first, clean bonding pads around the edge with Solder Wick. There are several pads have come off the board. We need to treat them by jumping wires.  Here are the tools we recommend for jumping wires:
1.BGA Flux Paste 2.Solder Wire Kit 3.Desoldering Wick 4.UV Curable Solder Mask 5.USB Ultraviolet Light UV Glue Curing Lamp

1.BGA Flux Paste 2.Solder Wire Kit 3.Desoldering Wick 4.UV Curable Solder Mask 5.USB Ultraviolet Light UV Glue Curing Lamp  

Attach a known good lower layer to the test fixture and then attach the upper layer. Get the display assembly connected. Running test, we can found that the phone turns on normally and the touch function is also normal. Judging by this, the touch issue is caused by the lower layer.

Board Swap  

Since the lower layer is badly deformed, we need to transplant baseband CPU, baseband EEPROM and the NFC chip on the original lower layer to a new lower layer. For more details, please check out the video below:

After board swap, we should running test again by using Test Fixture. Connect the battery connector with the DC Power Supply. Then get the motherboard powered on with tweezers. Here we can find IMEI serial number and modem firmware which indicates that the lower layer swap has been completed successfully.

Motherboard Recombination

Motherboard Recombination
repair tool kit

Next thing we do is to solder the two layers together. Here are the following steps:

Attach the new lower layer to the specialized reballing mold. 

Cover the new lower layer with the matched reballing stencil.

Smear some low-temp Solder Paste on the stencil.

remove the reballing stencil carefully.

Continue to place the new lower layer onto the heating platform.

Waiting for the solder paste melting, solder balls start to shape up.

Waiting for the lower layer to cool for 10 minutes.

Apply BGA Paste Flux to the third space PCB, get the upper layer in position.

Heat for 1 minute on the heating platform at 160 degrees.

With the upper layer sinking and Paste Flux flowing, the two layers have been soldered together successfully.

Wait for the double-stacked motherboard to cool for 5 minutes.

True Tone Restoration

True Tone Restoration  

After we finish repairing the motherboard, it's time to transplant parts. REWA has years of experience on providing wholesale services upon an extensive range of electronic related products covering mobile phone spare parts and replacement battery. We adhere to the principle of " Quality Above All " through the whole producing and testing processes. Here are some of our selected products:

iPhone X Rigid OLED Display

iPhone X LCD Display 

iPhone X Battery Replacement

iPhone X Back Glass Cover  

Next we will fix the True Tone of the new display. Connect the original screen with the display extended module, read data of the original screen with the True Tone repair programmer. Once done, connect the new screen with the display extended module. Write stored data of the original screen to the new screen.

Wi-Fi Unbinding

Wi-Fi Unbinding

Wi-Fi Unbinding  

Beacuse we didn't deal with the Wi-Fi IC on motherboard, the Wi-Fi switch cannot be toggled. Here's a tool we recommend which named iRepair DFU Box. Connect it to the computer, then connect the phone with the box. Put the phone into DFU mode, then running the software. Once finished, the WiFi switch is back to normal.
rewa academy  

The iPhone X has been restored successfully after our hard work. Repair a mobile phone is just like performing phone surgery. You need to analyze the problem and then solve the problem step by step. The repair process requires not only professional theoretical knowledge but also proficient handwork skills. Start your learning journey with REWA ACADEMY now!Preview this course:iPhone Logic Board Repair Handwork Course

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