Is the Find My in iOS 15 good to use? How to turn it on?

Blake Feb 01, 2021

Apple users know the "Find My" app. We can find Apple devices that are bonded to Apple ID through the app. After our devices are lost, we can find them by this app. Especially in the iOS 15 system, Apple updates the "Find My" app. It not only supports real-time positioning. When your device is turned off or erased, it is very convenient to find your device through the "Find My" app.

Is the “Find My” app in iOS 15 good to use? Undoubtedly, the search function in iOS 15 is very easy to use. As long as your device has been updated to the iOS and "Find My" app is on, even if your iPhone is lost, it can also improve the probability of retrieving.

Next, we focus on how to track the shutdown device through the "Find My" app.

First, update to iOS 15. In settings – Find My - Find My iPhone. Turn on the "Find My iPhone" button.

After turning on this feature, even if the device is offline, other network protocols can be used. Nearby Apple devices with the network will be used as a "springboard" to send location information.

In addition, in iOS 15, even if the device is erased or restored, it does not affect the "Find My" app to continue tracking.

This is unfeasible in the previous system. In iOS 14 and older systems, once your device with ID lock is erased, it will not be able to position or track. After updating to the iOS 15 system, even if the other party holds your iPhone and erases it, you can also check this iPhone in the "Find My" app as long as your ID lock is still there. And the other party will also be prompted to see the position of this iPhone.

After upgrading to iOS 15, you can also select a device to open the lost and notice function in the “Find My” app. After turning on, "Find My" app will remind you through other devices carried by you that your iPhone or iPad is missing. In addition, iOS 15 also supports offline using Siri. Before this, Siri is completely unusable when your iPhone is in a no network state. After upgrading to iOS 15, Siri is more sensitive and finally supports wireless use, such as opening APP, setting up an alarm clock, etc.

But using Siri offline has some constraints, the processor of your iPhone needs to be above A12, which means that iPhone X and older models are not supported.





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