Professional Repair Tools for Professional Repair Shops

Blake Oct 18, 2017

Professional repair tools for professional services. Wanna stand out from other repair shops in the city? It’s time to upgrade your repair tools now! Check our repair tool category below and make your purchase worth your time.Professional Repair Tools listed as below

Organization Tools

Repair Tools contained: Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform - Red/Gold/Blue; Screw Memory Board; Screwdriver Magnetizer/Demagnetizer; PCB Holder - Type 2.

Soldering Tools

Repair Tools contained: Anti-static SMD Hot Air Welding Station;Electric Soldering Station; UV Dryer Lamp - Type 3 (36W); BGA Reballing Stencil; Tin Scraping Knife. Diagnostic Tools

Repair Tools contained: Electron Microscope (HDMI Connector and VGA Connector Available, High-resolution display on Monitor, but not for Taking Photos and Making Videos ) - Recommend: Matching with the Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform.

Digital Multimeter - FLUKE F17B+;Desktop Magnifying Glass for Phone Repair - Type 1;Repair Drawings- IP 4- IP7+: Chinese Version Only.Power Supply Tools

Repair Tools contained: 21' Monitor With VGA and HDMI Cable;Communication Maintenance Power Supply (15V-2A);Power off cable for IP 4~ IP7+;Power off cable for Android;Anti-static Wrist Strap.Cleaning Tools

Repair Tools contained: Steel Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner;Soft Brush - Type 4;Anti-static Cleaning Brush - Type 2.Prying & Opening

Repair Tools contained:

Curved Screen Opening Tool;

Screen Opening Card;

Roller Opening Tool;

MB Battery Opening Tool;

Suction Cup - Transparent;

LCD Opening Pliers - Type 1;

SIM Card Tray Eject Pin;

Combination Cut Pliers;

Sculpture Knife - Type 1;

High-Quality Straight Tweezer;

High-Quality Curved Hook Tweezer.

Pry Set

Triangle Pry Piece;

Plastic Pry Sheet Disassembling iPad;

Stainless Steel Pry Bar;

Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar;

Screwdriver Set

5*25mm Philip Screwdriver - Type 1 (Philip's head 1.5mm). Also suitable for SM and HW mobile phone repairing;

8*25mm Pentalobe Screwdriver - Type 1 (Five-Pointed Star Head 0.8mm); Screwdriver for iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus Teardown (Triangle Head 0.6mm);

iPhone 6s Middle Plate Screwdriver (Sleeve Head 2.5mm); Screwdriver for iPhone Middle Plate - Type 1 (Philip's Head 2.5mm);

Screwdriver for Android;

For more repair replacement parts and tools please go our online store: There is show the prices of each product.

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