Ten eCommerce Trends To Look Out For

Blake Jan 26, 2019

There are many eCommerce trends that you need to get on board within the new year. We believe that shifting the focus of your eCommerce can raise sales, and you will find that places like letstango.com will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your site. Be certain that you have taken a look at the eCommerce tips below to learn how to structure your site.

1. Social Media

You can use social media because it is a very popular way for people to connect with each other. The social media channels that you use should be planned to reach a target audience. We believe that social media is very helpful because it reaches young people, allows you to advertise easily, and social media allows you to give customer service through these apps. You can get the latest news from our FaceBook.

2. The Shopping Cart

The shopping cart should send alerts to customers, and we believe that the shopping cart should remind people that they can buy something they left in there. You should look for inspiration for alerts to send to your customers if the price changed or the item was removed from the catalog.

3. Registries

The registries that you set up for weddings or parties allow you to share what you want to receive from that occasion. There are many people who will find that they can create a registry in moments, and they can see who bought what after the fact. You can give a better brand of customer service because you have tracked the registry, and your customers can handle returns more easily because all the gift-giving was done in one place.

4. The Background

The background of your eCommerce site must be nice to look at. There are many people who get turned off by a web site that is hard to shop or hard to look at. The idea behind changing the design of your site is to create a place where people want to be for extended periods of time. You need to keep your customers engaged, and we believe that using soft colors, nice animation, and even a bit of music or responsive sound can make your site a lovely place to visit. We also recommend that you update your site to reflect the season or the upcoming holiday for which people will be shopping.

5. The Domain Name

You need a better domain name in the current eCommerce climate. We know that many companies would prefer to use their company name as their domain name, but that can be a complex string of words to type. We recommend creating a URL that people can remember and type easily. You want people to know how to type that URL when they go to a new computer, and it should be easy for people to interpret when it is explained to them in a social situation.

6. The Featured Product

You need to have a featured product. A featured product is the one thing that you know most people will buy from your company without hesitation. You could even go so far as to name the website after the featured product. There are many products on the market that are fit to be the name of a website, and you should post those items on your homepage where everyone can see them. Your featured product should have a special attached to it, or you could have several different styles of the product posted on your homepage.

7. The Site Should Have A Simple Checkout Procedure

The simple checkout procedure that you have offered to your customers allows them to check out on their own with no problem. The checkout procedure should allow people to enter their payment information, get their shipping information, and receive a receipt. The receipt that people receive gives them all the information that they like, and the receipt can be used to be sure that the customer has checked out properly. You should integrate with a platform that makes checking out easier, and it helps you save time when checking the orders that you have gotten.

8. Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing that you do should allow you to partner with a famous person on social media. The social media influencers that are sharing your products will make special posts saying that they are sponsors, and they will give your company a much higher profile. We recommend that you find at least one influencer who wants to use your products, and you could give them some free products as payment for marketing to all their fans.

9. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a bit like using commercials to market your company. You could make some wonderful videos that you will post to your YouTube channel, and you might gain followers because those videos go viral if they are made properly. Be certain that you have shot the videos in a way that will attract your fans, and remember that these videos can be very short if you are trying to make your company look fresh.

10. Email Marketing

Email marketing is something that you can learn to do on your own, but we recommend that you use an email marketing program that can send mass emails to all your followers. You must create a list that makes it easy for you to reach all the right leads, and you should make emails that include text, pictures, videos, and animations. The best email marketing plan will make your life easier, and you could send regular emails so that your customers do not forget about you after making a purchase.

11. Conclusion

You must use all these tips to make your eCommerce website as powerful and popular as possible. Your company can grow exponentially if you have used all these tips, and you must deploy them slowly so that your company will grow at a manageable rate. You can market yourself well, run a profitable eCommerce operation, and look as though you are operating in the 21st Century.





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