The Myth of iPhone High Capacity Batteries

Rick Apr 01, 2021

Like it or not, iPhone is normally smoother to use than Android with longer service life. That's why so many people choose iPhone. Though iPhone is durable, the lithium battery has a limited lifespan. After a year of two years of regular use, the battery life will deteriorate considerably and the battery will need to be replaced.

Here comes two choices for replacement: OEM batteries and aftermarket batteries. To select the right battery replacement has always been a tough question both for end consumers and repair technicians. Compared to OEM, aftermarket batteries not only have a higher capacity but also a cheaper price. Since more functions are added in todays' phone, phone with an ultra-high standby time is gaining momentum. Hot selling phones on the market generally sport a high capacity battery. Nevertheless, numerous consumers still are doubtful of the aftermarket high capacity batteries, perceiving them too good to be true.

Are aftermarket high capacity batteries for real?

According to YouTube channel TheArtofRepair, it can be seen that the battery capacity has increased from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s. Taking a look at the size of the batteries, they share the same size but distinct capacity, which is proof that high capacity batteries do exist. With contemporary technology, more capacity can be added to the same size battery. To take an example, we can increase iPhone 5 battery capacity with iPhone 5s battery technology.

Source: GSMArena

But why are so many people not convincing? That’s because some sellers lie about the actual capacity to promote the product. They will use some techniques like programming to make an 1880 mAh battery look like a 2000 mAh one.

Are aftermarket high capacity batteries durable?

Many say that the battery life of aftermarket high capacity batteries will drain fast over time.

To find out, a vlogger from bilibili shares a test which charges and discharges the OEM battery and aftermarket battery 100 times.

Through the test, we can see that capacity loss of OEM will be slower than aftermarket batteries, which is caused by a different battery cell. Now many reputable aftermarket battery manufacturers will use better cells and the durability of the battery is guaranteed.

Will aftermarket high capacity batteries harm the phone?

Due to increase in capacity, aftermarket high capacity batteries have bigger size and heavier weight. The extended size, however, will not affect the back cover fit. All they do was to put more capacity into the phone and nothing else has changed. The higher capacity batteries have no effect on phone other than they allow longer-term use.

In summary, aftermarket high capacity batteries have a high-cost performance. If you are looking for battery replacement, aftermarket high capacity batteries will be a good choice.

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