Use Face ID correctly on the iPhone X series

Blake Apr 30, 2021

iPhone X is the first model with the Face ID function. In the traditional model, the authentication method called "Touch ID" is adopted, but the "Face ID" is unlocked by turning your face steering screen. Here, we will show how to set it and how to solve some face id not working problems.

How to set Face ID on the iPhone X?

I want to set up Face ID and unlock it, but I don't know how to set it! This article will tell you how to set the Face ID for this kind of iPhone user.

How to set a face ID on iPhone X

[1] Select "Settings" → "Face ID and Password".

face ID on iPhone X

[2]Click "Set the Face ID".

Set the Face ID

[3] Hold the device vertically, then place the "face" in front of your phone, then tap "Start".

[4] Make sure your face is on the center of the frame, and then moves slowly with circumferential motion. If you can't move your head, click "Assist Features Options".

Assist Features Options

[5] After the first scan, click "Continue" and repeat the same operation.

[6] Click "Complete" to complete the settings.

Unable to set up Face ID on iPhone X ... What is the reason?

First, make sure your TrueDepth camera and face are not covered by anything. Also make sure your device is portrait, and your face is facing the screen. If you still can’t set up, check the update and restart.

TrueDepth camera

How do I set up Face ID on iPhone XR?

Since the operation is the same as the above iPhone X / XS, the figure is omitted.

[1] Open in the order of "Settings" → "Face ID and Password".

[2] Click "Set the Facial ID (Settings)".

[3] Hold the equipment vertically, so that your face is in front of the phone, then click "Start".

[4] Move the face to the center of the picture, and then move slowly with circumference. If you can't move your head, click "Assist Features Options".

[5] After the first scan is completed, click "Continue" and then perform the same operation again.

[6] Click "Complete" to complete the settings.

I can't use a human face ID registrar information ...

What should I do if I can't register facial information? And can you register your face ID even if you wear glasses? People wearing glasses are particularly worried.

I can't use a human face ID to register your face information! Is this in the camera?

If there is not fully registered facial information, it may be a TRUEDEPTH camera failure. If a fault occurs, you need to repair it, so bring it to the Apple Store or transport store.

[Reference] Apple Support Official Website:

If you wear glasses, can you recognize the face ID?

If you don't wear glasses, you can use the Face ID when you certify. If you do not get authentication in the state of the glasses, you will be registered with the state of the glasses and the state of glasses. Set - Open "Face ID and Path Code", enter the path code, click " Set another look. " Afterward, please follow the steps.

An error message appears on the FACE ID?

Although the facial information has been registered on the face ID, an error message can be displayed without recognition. Let's take a look at this time.

When setting the FACE ID, a message "Moves the iPhone slightly"

When this message is displayed, let's change the lighting environment. If it is too bright or too dark, it may not be able to successfully identify. In addition, protect paper is not recognized and cannot be identified, so let's try to make a protective film at a time. If there is no improvement, please restart.

"Attack measures" When "currently cannot use"

First, let's check and restart the update. If it is also unreliable, reset the facial ID and register the facial information again. If this is not improved, it may fail, so please contact Apple support or bring it to the Apple Store.

"When this iPhone can't activate the Face ID"

This problem seems to have occurred after the application is updated. If you cannot use it after restarting the device, you may need to fix or replace it.

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