What does face ID mean?

Blake Dec 10, 2020

Face ID is a face-to-face ID, a face recognition system for Apple's design and release, is first used in iPhone X; it allows users to unlock Apple devices, purchase in each Apple Digital Media Store, and as Apple Pay or Applications The authentication method pays within.


Apple said that it is worth a million probability that it is unlocked. Apple also said that the face recognition information is stored in the security zone of Apple A11 Bionic and sub-chip and is not stored in the cloud.


iPhone (X, Xʀ, Xs/Max, 11, 11 Pro/Max, 12/Mini, 12 Pro/Pro Max)


iPad Pro (third, fourth generation)




The face id will first illuminate the user's face to obtain 2D infrared photos with a floodlight sensor, and then use an infrared camera to identify, then use the dot array projector to specify more than 30,000 specific encoded infrared points to the surface of the object. , Then reflect back to the infrared camera receiver, the offset between the infrared photos and the reflected infrared point can be obtained, and the viewing of the face surface can be obtained, thereby constructing a 3D precision model, and then the infrared image and The 3D precision model is sent to the processor, and transformed into a mathematical expression, and it will conclude that after comparing the previously registered facial data. The function of "watching unlock" is to capture the picture of the eyeball through the infrared camera and identify the pupil feature, the technical provider is: Sensomotoric INSTRUMENTS, providing the PrimeSense of Structural Light Technology and Faceshift for facial capture technology.






Using invisible infrared light helps identify face, the light is dimly available, so that the infrared camera can determine whether the eye is straight as a direct screen to ensure that only users can unlock, and use artificial intelligence to learn to remember the long phase of the continuous change.


Dot matrix projector


The positioning of more than 30,000 naked eye is not visible to the face, and the only face stereoscopic feature is constructed, and the arrangement of each spot in the transmitter is also unique.


Infrared camera


The infrared camera is used to shoot the plane infrared image while reading a stereo dot matrix pattern. After the data is analyzed by both the above, the data will be sent to the security zone in the A11 Bionic chip to confirm the matching.


If FaceID is not available, please refer to this article:

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