What is the difference between iPhone storage space and iCloud storage space?

Blake Mar 02, 2021

When you purchase iPhone or iPad, the device comes with a certain capacity storage space, and can also get 5GB iCloud storage space. You can learn the difference between the device storage space and the iCloud storage space by the following information and methods for managing storage space.

iPhone storage space

Music, app, photos, and all other content you enjoy on your device will take up the device storage space. Depending on the size of the device and the amount of content you own, your device may be filled and stored in the storage space. When the device is full, you cannot add the storage space, but you can release the space.

Manage iPhone storage space:

Go to iPhone Settings – General – iPhone Storage, where you might see a list of recommended storage optimization, and there will be a list of stored space that installed applications occupy. Tap the name of the application to get more information about the storage space.

If the iPhone storage space will be full:

It is recommended that users pay attention to the use of iPhone storage spaces. Because the device may become stuck, the content data is lost after the iPhone storage space is full. You can make more storage spaces in a way:

1. Remove the content from the application (such as photos, music), or delete the application that is no longer used;

2. Export photos, videos, etc. to your computer.

iCloud storage space

When you set iCloud, you will automatically get a free storage space of 5 GB. You can use the storage space to back up your device and make all your photos, videos, documents, and text information safely and update to all devices.

Manage iCloud Storage Space:

Go to the Settings -Apple ID-iCloud, the amount of storage you already use will be listed at the top.

If your iCloud storage space is exhausted, your device will not back up to iCloud. You can solve the problem of insufficient iCloud storage in the following way:

1. Release space in iCloud: You can delete any content that is no longer needed, such as backup, photos, and files, so you can make more iCloud storage space.

2. Many iOS App will automatically back up to iCloud after installation. You can turn off the backup feature for unused App, or remove the old iCloud backup and release space in iCloud.

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