What should I do if iPhone 12 wireless charging is not working?

Blake Jan 06, 2021

Problem Description: iPhone 12 wireless charging is not working. Put the iPhone 12 on the wireless charger. Wireless charging works at the beginning and then it is not working. After a restart, it works again and then fails.

Solution: iPhone 12 wireless charging is not working. Frequent charging failure is probably caused by the incompatibility of charger.

Not all wireless chargers are unified standards. If the wireless charger purchased is not equipped with a plug and uses an own plug. Low-watt-number power adapters usually may not continue to power. It is recommended to choose Apple official 12W and the above power adapter or other high power supply adapter brands.

In addition, iPhone 12 wireless charging failure is related to the following factors:

1, iPhone is equipped with a thick protective case, a metal protective case or a battery case. Try to remove the protective case or housing.

2, Do not place any items between the iPhone and the charger. For example, the iPhone's back paste metal ornaments, or any other things such as ring buckle, which will affect iPhone wireless charging.

3, Make sure the iPhone is properly placed on the central location of the charger or the location of the manufacturer's recommendation. (The recommended method is: place the center of the LOGO on the back of the iPhone to the center of the wireless charger)

If the position is not correct, slow charging may happen.

4, If your iPhone vibrates (for example, when notified), the iPhone may displace it. This may cause the charging station to stop providing power for the iPhone. If this happens often, consider closing the vibration function. Turn on "Do not disturb mode" or use the protective case to prevent movement.

5, If the phone is overheating, or the wireless charger overheats, this may cause the charging of iPhone not working.

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