What should I do when iPhone battery is draining fast overnight?

Blake Mar 03, 2021

If your iPhone battery is draining fast overnight (eg: the 100% battery lost 50% overnight), you can refer to the following ways to check the iPhone and solve the problem:

View iPhone Battery Usage Information

With iOS, you can easily manage the battery usage of the device because you can see the battery usage by APP. To view the usage, go to Settings - Battery. Check if there are applications running at night and consuming power seriously.

Check and Update Applications

If there is a large amount of power consumed at night, please try to update this application. If the application is not downloaded from the App Store and it is unable to update, you can try to uninstall the application to see if there is improved power consumption.

If this application is derived from Apple, or if you cannot uninstall, you can consider backing up data and then update the iOS system to the latest version. If it is a beta version of the system, it does not rule out the possibility of this problem.

Adjust Settings to Extend Battery Life

1. Turn off the background refresh: Go to Settings - General - Background Application Refresh, then select WLAN, WLAN & Cellular. Or select Turn Off to completely shut down the background application refresh feature.

2. Pay attention to whether there is frequent notification. If an app is frequently awakening the display because the notification is received, you can go to Settings and turn off Allow Notifications.

3. Manage Application Position Permissions. Go to Settings - Privacy - Location Services, you can check the application list, where you turn off unnecessary location services for some applications to reduce your phone power consumption.

Finally, don't forget to check your battery health. If the battery health is less than 80% or displays Service. You can consider replacing the battery for a better user experience.

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