What to do if you drop your iPhone 12 in water?

Blake Jun 30, 2021

iPhone 12 series has four models and has a water-resistance rating of IP68 level under IEC 60529 (6 meters of water for up to 30 minutes). However, it should be noted that splash, water, dust, dust-proof performance is not permanent. The protective performance may decrease due to normal wear, and damage caused by the immersion is not within the warranty.

If the iPhone accidentally falls in water:

Wipe the iPhone with a soft cloth. To make the iPhone dry, please take the charging port down, gently patting your iPhone with your hand to discharge excess liquid. Or place the iPhone in a ventilated dry area. You can also put the iPhone in front of the fan, letting the cold wind blow directly to the charging port, which may speed up the drying process.

Be careful not to use an external heat source to dry the iPhone or plug foreign objects in the charging port such as cotton swab or tissue.

Waiting for the iPhone to completely dry after opening the SIM card tray. If you need to charge the iPhone, please wait for 5 hours at least to make sure the iPhone is dry and then you can charge the iPhone.

If the sound of the speaker is distorted after falling in the water

Check if there is water in the microphone or speaker. Let the speaker face down, put the iPhone on a lifted cloth, and see if there is no water drop. Water in the port may reduce the performance of the speaker or microphone. The function will not return to normal until the moisture is completely evaporated.

What should be noted in daily use

Don't take the iPhone with you when taking a bath or go swimming. For example, do not use iPhone in the sauna; do not deliberately immerse your iPhone in the water; do not place your iPhone in high pressure or high-flow rate water like shower, skiing, surfing, etc.

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