What to do if your iPhone is getting hot

Blake May 21, 2021

iPhone overheating is often manifested by abnormal battery power consumption, battery draining fast, and slow charging. You can start from the battery usage. Go to Settings > Battery and check battery usage by app. If the app activity is abnormal, we can then solve the problem.

1、 Background app leads to overheating

Enter the home page of the iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Turn off unnecessary apps and leave the chatting apps on. Then go to App Store in settings to turn off the Apps and App Updates. In addition, reduce the use of Bluetooth and turn off location services.

GPS is one of the culprits that make the iPhone hot, and a major cause of mobile phone battery draining too fast. After you have finished using the map navigation app, you should then turn it off and don't stay in the map navigation interface for a long time.

2、Caused by software update

Go to Settings > General > Reset to erase all data and content. Enter the verification code and erase immediately. Please pay attention to the necessary backup before performing this.

These may also make your iPhone hot:

1, Run high-power-consuming apps: such as playing games, playing movies, large amounts of data transmission, mobile phone loading too high. Close the high-power-consuming apps will solve the problem.

2, Play the game or call while charging. Since the battery is charged and discharging, the battery may get damaged and you need to end the game or calling

3, Poor lithium battery: iPhone users who have changed the battery need to be attentive. You must go to authorized shop for replacement.

4, App failure: Sometimes some apps failure will occupy a large amount of memory, so the mobile phone is highly loaded, and these apps can be ended.

5, Protective shells and other covers: Some inferior or excessive protective shells may affect the iPhone heat dissipation, causing the phone to be hot. Taking off the protective case or cover can solve the problem.

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