What to do with the expansion of MacBook battery?

Blake Jul 02, 2021

Why is the MacBook battery expansion?

The MacBook uses a lithium-ion battery. The two ends are the positive electrode and the negative electrode. The middle part is the electrolyte that brings the lithium-ion to the other end from one end. Simply put, it charges and discharges. In this process, the electrolyte and moisture chemically react, producing hydrogen, carbon dioxide and alkane compounds. The outer casing of the battery is therefore extruded, causing a swollen battery. There are three common reasons: the battery is used for a long time; the battery is being charged for a long time; the battery is in a high-temperature environment.

MacBook battery expansion common phenomenon

The internal construction of MacBook is quite compact. When the battery gets swollen, it will first affect the touchpad above the battery. The touchpad cannot be pressed. What’s worse, the touchpad protrudes. Another situation is that the MacBook feels unstable, and there is a hump at the bottom.

How to prevent macbook battery expansion

(1) Use the original factory-certified charging line.

(2) MacBook is not in use, I have been allowing the battery in a 100% full power mode.

(3) Do not let MacBook batteries are in an environment that has more than 40 degrees in length.

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