Why does the iPhone get hot in use?

Blake Apr 06, 2021

Some users found that with the rise of summer temperature, the iPhone seems to get hotter more easily. Apple has always suggested in the official website documents that iOS devices need to be used in an appropriate temperature environment, preferably between 0 º C and 35 º C. Low temperature or high temperature environment may cause the device to change its behavior to adjust its temperature. Using iOS devices for a long time in a hot environment may permanently shorten battery life. 


If you find your iPhone gets hot, please observe whether it is: 

1. When activating and setting iPhone for the first time; 

2. When restoring the backup on iPhone; 

3. When the app re-indexes or re-analyzes the data (for example, after the software is updated, "photo" sets a mark for a face, place or keyword); 

4. When using graphics-intensive or augmented reality apps or features. 


In the above cases, the iPhone needs to read more data. Getting hot is a normal phenomenon. It can return to a normal temperature after completing the relevant process. 


In addition, iPhone may get hot in the following situations, which should be avoided as much as possible: 

1.Put the equipment in the vehicle in hot weather. 

2. Place the equipment in direct sunlight for a long time. 

3. Use some functions in high temperature or direct sunlight for a long time, such as taking photos outdoors in the heat, using GPS tracking or navigation function in the car, playing graphics-intensive games, or using augmented reality app. 


Because the damage of heat and high temperature to iPhone and battery is irreversible, we should compare the above reasons and pay attention to the use environment to avoid overheating the iPhone. 


If the internal temperature of the equipment exceeds the normal operating temperature range, the equipment will try to adjust its temperature to protect the internal components. When this happens, the iPhone may stop charging, the display becomes dark or black, the signal is weakened, the flash cannot be used, and the performance becomes slower. The equipment should be temporarily stopped and placed in a cool place, waiting for it to cool itself. 

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