Apple iOS 15 release, take a look at new features!

Blake Jun 09, 2021

Apple released the ios 15 new features system at the WWDC21, which is the next major update of the iPhone, bringing brand new FaceTime and notification interface, and improvements for photos, weather, wallet, map, etc.

IOS15 New Features FaceTime

The new version of FaceTime will bring space audio technology to real-time video, with several microphones and internal audio processing algorithms, making video calls with more real sound field effects.

In addition, FaceTime also has "Vocal Enhancement Mode", which can get clear vocals in the noisy environment by algorithm.

The new version of FaceTime will support automatic beauty in the video, and you can get good results in multiplayer video, just like using the camera.

In the new version of ios 15 new features FaceTime, users can create exclusive video call links and support sharing to chat, calendar, and emails. Not only that, this link also supports open through computer browsers, Android, and Windows devices are also supported.

SharePlay sharing features allow users to share video, music, and share screens that are playing. Apple works with Disney, Hulu, HBO Max, NBA, supporting online resources to be watched on these platforms during FaceTime videos, and sharing with friends.

Notification function

iOS 15 makes improvements to the notification function, bringing a new notification interface, contact avatars, and the App icon changes, so that users can have easier identification.

Apple also introduces the notification summary mode for iOS 15. The notification summary can be sent to the time specified by the user and arrange it in order. Notifications from people will bypass the summary and sent immediately, so the user will not miss them.

In addition, iOS 15 adds focused mode to support customized different states. Each state can set different display notifications and synchronize with other devices.


Apple brings a live text function for a photo application to automatically perform OCR in camera applications. When the user is aligned with the camera, the latter will automatically emerge, support free choice, copy and paste. Users can also do these operations on existing photos.

This feature uses the "deep neural network" to scan the "entire system" photo and support seven languages. At the same time, this function can also identify objects and scenes such as dogs or flowers.


ios 15 new features brings wallet keys, support company badges, hotel room key and home smart lock key.

The weather

Weather applications also apply in new design, adding high-resolution applications and new background animations, and will change according to the weather.


The map has a global view and a more detailed city 3D view, and detailed road information can help the driver, and more information is available in the traffic view.

In addition, the map automatically tracks the user's travel route and reminds users to get off and provides more detailed direction information.

Other functions

ios 15 new features also has speech search in Safari, cross-applying drag and drop and new to me. Messages offers a new way of sharing, such as images, music, podcasts, apple news, etc., and fixed content.

Spotlight can use web images to search and enhance search, and provide richer contact cards, actors, musicians, TV programs and movie results. The notes application now has labels for categorizing the notes, as well as the mention of the sharing notes and the history.

The Health app has a new shared tab that allows users to share their health data with their families or nursing staff, and trends can highlight meaningful changes in health indicators. A new widget is added on the "Find My" network, supports real-time streaming positions and AirPods.

iOS 15 release has brought more privacy to your iPhone, including Siri requests, mail privacy protection and application privacy reports.

iOS 15 will be available on all devices that are the same as iOS 14, which means supporting all iPhone 6s and updated iPhones.

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