iPhone 8 Plus Screen VS 7 Plus Screen Hands On Comparison

REWA 09/07/2017

Firsthand news on upcoming iPhone 8 Plus LCD Screen Assembly! Wondering what’s the difference between iPhone 7 Plus Screen and iPhone 8 Plus Screen? We have made an iPhone 8 Screen VS iPhone 7 Screen Hands On Comparison and now you can follow REWA’s presentation below!

iPhone 8 Plus Screen VS iPhone 7 Plus ScreenSimilaritiesAlmost the same appearance and the same dimension.

Featured with the same flex cable structure and screw layout on the front bezel.

DifferencesThe front bezel of the iPhone 8 Plus Screen is different from that of the iPhone 7 Plus Screen.The iPhone 8 Plus Screen comes with plastic screw holder on the bottom while iPhone 7 Plus Screen metal.

The iPhone 8 Plus Screen comes with metal buckle on top of the bezel while iPhone 7 Plus Screen plastic.

The iPhone 8 Plus Screen features with no gap between Ambient sensor and Proximity sensor.

Primary Function TestThe new iPhone 8 Plus Screen performs with normal display function on an iPhone 7 Plus, yet with no touch function.

ConclusionThe new iPhone 8 Plus Screen has almost the same cosmetic appearance as iPhone 7 Plus Screen, yet with some obvious differences on the front bezel.Stay in the loop for more breaking news of the iPhone screen supply chain!

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