iPhone 6 Won't Turn On Repair - PMIC Grinding and Replacing

Blake Jul 07, 2017

Generally speaking, the normal booting process of iPhone goes like this. Power key goes first, then the Apple logo appears between ten and twenty seconds. After the Apple logo appears, the iPhone will boot back up normally. Recently, some clients complained about the iPhone won't turn on issue after holding the power key - no Apple logo, just black screen.


Causes can be different and solutions flexible. Here in this blog, REWA offers a logic board repair solution regarding this iPhone 6/6S won’t turn on the issue. If you have different opinions, please leave a comment below. And we have released iPhone X won't turn on and iPhone 7 won't turn on , you can go to check them!


iPhone 6 Won't Turn On Repair


iPhone 6 Won't Turn On Brief IntroductionThe iPhone 6 won't turn on normally after holding the power key. Run detection process and we find that the logic board comes with leak current as 900mA and the PMIC is over-heated. Whereas capacitance around the PMIC shows no short-circuit. Therefore we can draw the conclusion that the PMIC is damaged and need to be replaced with a new one.



Power key power up, the phone cannot boot normally


phone cannot boot normally


Connect the phone with the DC power supply, the booting current jumps to 900mA, which is an abnormal value.


DC power supply


Take out the logic board and connect the logic board with the DC power supply. The logic board displays with leak current as 900mA.


Take out the logic board


Dip some rosin with soldering iron to smoke the logic board power IC and components around. After that, connect the logic board with the DC power supply. The rosin starts to melt quickly, which indicate that the power IC is being over-heated.


Dip some rosin




capacitance around power IC - No short-circuit. We can draw the conclusion that power IC is leaking away electricity.


capacitance around power IC




Remove 6s power IC with hot air gun can be a real risk, that’s why we recommend CNC chip grinding machine here.



Put the iPhone 6s logic board on the corresponding iPhone 6s mold and set grinding program.


Click and clear numerical value of x-axis and y-axis. Move the milling cutter of the grinding machine to the corresponding power IC grinding area. Adjust the numerical value of z-axis and move the milling cutter until it touches the surface of power IC. Then clear numerical value of z-axis.


Start grinding. Once the bonding pad coming out evenly, the grinding process is finished.


Take out the logic board and use a sculpture knife to clear up black adhesive residue.



Since tins of the new power IC come with a high melting point, we need to clean the tins with soldering iron at first.


Then reball the power IC with BGA reballing stencil.



Apply some BGA paste flux to the bonding pad and align the power IC to the right place, mind the direction. Blow it with a hot air gun at 260 degrees.



Once the logic board is cooling enough, connect the logic board with the DC power supply. Boot with the startup signal triggered by the tweezer. Booting current displays normally, fault cleared.


Assemble the phone and test. iPhone boots and works normally.


For more details on iPhone 6s Won't Turn On Repair guide, please go to  REWA YouTube channel . Or watch iPhone 6S won't turn on fix video . You can also contact us for support:


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Tools Used

Digital Multimeter Electron Microscope Maintenance Platform Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun DC Power Supply Screw Drivers Tweezers (ESD–10 / ESD–15) And there is a guide about  iPhone water damage repair, you can check and learn how to fix those problems.







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